Definition of goals and basic determination

We’ll prepare all basic data for you – completely SMART.

Setting goals in factory planning

As part of the initiation, we work with you to develop the foundation for the project. For example, the following questions are relevant:

  • What are the goals of the project?
  • Which priorities should be set?
  • Which restrictions have to be observed?
  • What are the interfaces to other projects?
  • Which scheduling and organizational requirements have to be met?

Based on interviews, the previous agreements in the context of the preparation of the offer and the company’s overarching strategic goals, the project goals are set down in detail according to the SMART rules. These serve as a guideline in the further course of the project.



Specifically: what needs to be achieved?



Definition of clear measurement parameters in order to check the degree of target achievement



Which concrete steps are necessary to achieve the goal?



Is it realistic to achieve the goals in the allotted time? What is necessary for this?



When exactly should which goals be achieved

Basic determination in the factory planning process

Within the framework of the basic investigation, we’ll work out the basis for your individual factory concept of the future.

Why is that important?

Every planning project needs a solid foundation on which to build. The recording and evaluation of information on products and processes, spatial conditions and structures form the basis for a successful planning project. For an optimal planning result, it is important that we know and understand you and your individual requirements.

How do we do this?

  • Analysis of the existing and future production program
  • Detailed recording of the processes in production and logistics (value stream analysis)
  • Structured identification of improvement potential
  • Examination of structural parts lists and the associated production volume
  • Development of a project database and analyzes with the help of innovative data mining software
  • Recording and analysis of the factory and site layout

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