Strategy development for factory planning

We plan the way to the goal for you.

„Strategy describes the planned and structured course of action of a company in order to achieve future corporate goals.

A strategy is the way to the goal. „

Our methodology for strategy development

The strategy process aims to determine the future priorities and the strategic direction of the company or a sub-area to ensure profitable growth in the next few years.

Development of a strategy house

The tried and tested method guarantees a careful consideration of all essential influencing factors. The methodology’s focus is developing a strategy house, which systematically summarizes the vital elements of the strategy. Concrete implementation measures are then derived. Finally, individual priorities can be defined as part of the process (e.g. production, logistics, supply chain).

  • The strategies for achieving the goals are compiled and formulated
  • Time horizon: 5 – 10 years
  • The production-related expertise and innovative ability of ifp consulting is an important „catalyst“
  • Joint development of the strategy house

Strategy: Success factor for medium-sized companies

Medium-sized and especially family businesses are the defining type of company in the German economy and are also an essential link in the global value chain. Therefore, in addition to the general global changes in the production environment, the associated internal changes lead to many long-term and extensive adjustment processes that medium-sized companies face.

A detailed examination of the interrelationships in production and logistics and their company-wide impact is of crucial importance. Because, especially in these investment and labour-intensive areas, the upcoming change also offers extensive opportunities. Studies show that the decisive difference between very successful and less successful companies is a clear strategic alignment of the central areas of the company.

We support medium-sized companies in particular with a special advisory service in which we develop a comprehensive production strategy together with the customer. In addition, with the introduction of a strategy house, we provide our customers with a systematic process for analyzing the fields of action and concrete implementation measures that contribute to productive and successful action.

Case Study

Strategy development in the maintenance of engines

ifp consulting advises an international engine manufacturer on the development of a production strategy. The approach developed by ifp consulting considers monetary and technological aspects as well as the volume development of the company. In addition, the market requirements, the company’s internal situation and the position concerning the strongest competitors are analyzed.

Among other things, the following questions are answered:

  • How is the world market developing, and what are the consequences for the company’s production?
  • Which product groups are attractive, profitable and competitive?
  • What technological requirements will be placed on the products in the future, and what are the consequences for production?
  • Which production strategy changes are necessary to meet future requirements?
  • How is an optimal production network designed?
  • What skills do the strongest competitors have?
  • Are there strategic production trends that the company can use to optimally align itself for the future?

As part of the production strategy development, ifp consulting accompanies its customers step by step through the process and all necessary analyses and the associated investigation methods. ifp consulting supports the company in preparing and answering all relevant questions. After the production strategy has been drawn up, a concrete roadmap for implementing the strategy is drawn up.

Strategy development example: a medical technology customer


Medical technology branch

ifp consulting developed a new strategic direction for a customer from the medical technology sector. We used a specially developed procedure that systematically guides the customer through the strategy development process.

Project goal

The early detection of changes in the market, as well as the new strategic direction of the company.  


Additional analyzes accompanied the development of the target system. In addition, the objectives were converted into concrete and measurable measures. Because a strategy is only as good as its implementation.

ifp’s approach

Which trends are recognizable, and how do they affect our company? What are the company’s strengths? Which weaknesses need to be minimized? Which processes are affected by the expected changes? How do the changes affect the organization? In particular, is the supply chain properly set up for the future?


New priorities were set in the strategy to be able to react more flexibly to future changes. A new strategic orientation utilizing the ifp strategy house was developed and implemented.

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