Material Flow and Process Simulation

Significantly improve the planning result with local process simulations.

Virtual validation of the planning

Factory planning projects are always based on assumptions that should represent the future as well as possible. In today’s volatile corporate environment, however, it is often not possible to make sufficiently reliable forecasts about future developments.
For this reason, scenarios are created that are considered in parallel in the planning.

Another common factory planning practice, which can lead to unrealistic results, is calculating with average values.
Planning errors occur here, especially in processes that are characterized by discrete events. A process simulation is suitable to secure the planning against the problems mentioned. It is used wherever conventional planning methods reach their limits.

ifp consulting supports you in identifying the critical points in your planning and in carrying out targeted process simulations. With the help of our experience over the last few decades, we evaluate the criticalities in order to keep the overall effort for the process simulations low.
This avoids over-engineering of the process simulation and ultimately reduces costs. Depending on the complexity and granularity of the analysis, various software tools are used – from spreadsheets to CAx tools. We adapt to your individual requirements and define the simulation parameters together with you in order to achieve the maximum quality of results.

ifp Leistungen

Scenario creation and analysis

Representation of the effects of different scenarios on defined target values (e.g. utilization of resources)

Bottleneck analyzes

Identification of bottlenecks due to varying input parameters (e.g. fluctuating requirements or fluctuating resource availability)

Material flow simulation

Value stream-oriented optimization of the arrangement of the areas in the plant in customer-specific granularity.

Customized process simulation

The questions relating to production and logistics are very diverse. We would be happy to check with you individually on how your specific processes can be simulated.

Materialfluss- und Informationsanalyse Kundenbeispiel


Automotive industry

To increase productivity in trailer production, a material and information flow analysis was carried out for a German manufacturer of commercial vehicles

Project goal

Increase in production through a comprehensive analysis of assembly efficiency, logistics routes, material delivery and the factory layout. 


By automating sub-processes, consolidating warehouses, improving the delivery areas and changing the layout, efficiency increases in the assembly and logistics area were made possible.

ifp’s approach

With the help of weak point and material flow analyzes as well as a profitability calculation, we created the optimal layout for assembly and logistics.


The assembly time per vehicle was reduced by 15% and the need for employees by 38%. In addition, the utilization was improved by 5-7%.

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