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The German government’s Industry 4.0 project is a high priority issue businesses at present. Its goal is to promote the computerisation of production and logistics processes with the ultimate aim of creating a Smart Factory characterised by adaptability, agility, efficiency and a high level of integration. In short, Industry 4.0 involves collecting a great deal of data and creating smart integrated data networks to make companies even sharper and more efficient.

ifp consulting is involved in various aspects of this initiative:

Integrating Industry 4.0 into factory planning
Industry 4.0 is already a key part of the work done by ifp in the design and planning of companies. We are interested in finding out the best way to structure data systems. What is the best way to integrate them into networks? Where are the real benefits of implementing Industry 4.0 strategies? What systems and options are available on the market, for example "Big Data"?

Active research into Industry 4.0
ifp consulting is a partner in various Industry 4.0 research projects such as "CyProS - Cyber-Physical Systems". This is a national research project, and ifp consulting is working together with the iwb (Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management) of the TU (Technical University) of Munich and other partners on the "Smart Factory" research theme. For more information go to at

ifp consulting is also working with the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim on a joint project to develop the iFactory concept. The aim of the iFactory is to demonstrate practical new technologies which are immediately available new and which can be used by businesses. For more information, see the following link iFactory AG

Tablet devices in production and logistics
Smart human-machine interaction is a priority in Industry 4.0. For this reason, software developers at ifp analytics are working to develop suitable tablet-based solutions for use by businesses. A software platform called "sweepBusiness" has been created which allows companies to use smart tablet apps quickly and easily for certain tasks. Existing IT systems such as SAP or operating data acquisition systems are simply added on using standard interfaces.

More information on sweepBusiness is available from the following address link:
sweepBusiness Product Information (in German)

To find out more about using tablet devices in production and logistics, visit the ifpanalytics website.

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