New network design software

IBM Logic Net Plus

As part of its supply chain optimisation activities, ifp consulting has introduced a new, innovative software tool from IBM to optimise complex production and dispatch networks.

IBM Logic Net Plus is a powerful software tool for strategic network planning of procurement, production and distribution networks. It was developed by LogicTools, a company founded by MIT Professor David Simchi-Levi. In 2007, LogicTools was bought by ILOG, a French company whose products included the CPLEX mathematical optimiser, which now forms the technical basis of LogicNet optimisation. ILOG itself was in 2009 to IBM.

LogicNet can solve what is known as the “capacitated facility location problem” (cFLP). This involves selecting from a predefined number of possible supply sites (distribution centres, production factories or suppliers) for a quantity of specified customer sites (sinks) those sites where the overall network costs are lowest. Cost factors are fixed and variable operating costs of the supply sites, costs of the opening or closing of sites and transport costs involved in all connections.

Optimisation of networks:

Supply chain


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