Additive manufacturing & 3D Printing

Everyone is talking about 3D printing! With the development of new manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing (colloquially called 3D printing) is increasingly at the focal point of the industry. For many decades, additive manufacturing processes have been used for rapid prototyping (building of prototypes in R&D) and rapid tooling (manufacturing of tools).

Over the last few years, additive manufacturing processes became more and more interesting for series production (rapid manufacturing). With 3D printing, completely new parts can be produced in the future, which could only be produced by conventional manufacturing processes (e.g. turning, milling, etc.) with a lot of effort and without being economically feasible. In lightweight construction, for example, load-optimised gears can be produced while reducing weight at the same time. More examples can be found in medical engineering (e.g. prostheses, dental implants), in aerospace industry (e.g. fuel nozzles), in automotive industry as well as in jewellery, textile and lifestyle sectors. In addition, numerous small and medium-sized companies in mechanical engineering are dealing with 3D printing.

The application of various materials makes 3D printing also very interesting: amongst others, polymers, metals including alloys and ceramics can be processed. Thus, the applications and possibilities of additive manufacturing are versatile!

ifp consulting is planning your own 3D printing factory!

Have you already discovered the potential of 3D printed parts in your company and do you want to plan a 3D printing factory suited to your needs? Then contact us!

At ifp consulting we engage ourselves with additive manufacturing and 3D printing. We design, plan and realise your future 3D printing factory!

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