Holistic process optimization in the area of intercom

Intercom solutions ensure safe communication in every area of life, even though the requirements of the surrounding areas at airports, prisons, oil platforms or tunnels may vary widely. This results in a large range of products and in many challenges in the areas of production, installation, quality assurance and storage along with continuously high corporate growth. We are a sought-after partner regarding holistic process optimization due to our competence and our innovative approaches.

What are the challenges in the development of intercom solutions?

The range of products of our client has grown historically and comprises approximately 500 end products with sales of 1,000-2,000 units per end product. Additionally, customised solutions can be ordered which are manufactured upon order and are sold worldwide. How can production be controlled in a reasonable way if sales of the end products are highly fluctuating and are barely predictable? Which products should be available from stock? What does a distribution concept for the future look like? Can digital tools support the area of installation?

Holistic process optimization

ifp consulting has been able to identify 60 potentials in the operational areas within the framework of the project. As a result, sevenpartial projects have been identified to prepare the company for future growth. ifp consulting currently supports the employees in implementing this by means of workshops.

process optimization