Shopfloor Management

The right mindset as a prerequisite for efficient value creation.

Active shop floor management

Shop floor management is the prerequisite for implementing lean processes. In the first step, we analyze the initial situation and future challenges. In the second step, we carry out an extensive weak point analysis. We ensure a transparent presentation of the most important key figures, e.g. in the SQCD logic, with the appropriate key figures and a comprehensive KPI analysis. Finally, we focus on active management work on the shop floor.

Dynamic shop floor management

Reactivate the imagination of the employees, form a team – no easy task! But it also starts before that. The communication structure in the company across the various hierarchical levels is crucial. If the management divides operational goals in a cascade to the individual levels and provides feedback in the opposite direction via „tier meetings“ from the shop floor level, the organizational prerequisites for lively shop floor management are in place.

At the same time, on the shop floor level, it is important to achieve an abstraction and reflection of the processes, for example, through „playful“ methods. Above all, roles for production-related managers must be conveyed and exemplified in daily routines. In addition, simple, analytical examples can help production-related managers and employees to leap forward. One goal is to develop employees and managers into a self-improving overall organization.

A „breakthrough“ approach, which aims to break through the believed productivity limit in a short time, can provide all those involved with new motivation. Experience teaches us that the more difficult it is to convince a team at first and the more difficult it is to develop solutions with a team, the greater the later acceptance and scope of the idea developed in-house. That is why ifp consulting also pursues the approach: helping people to help themselves. We enable your team to develop and implement the solutions after a project independently.

Tiered meetings

Digital real-time dashboards help make tiered meetings efficient and track targets across the various management levels down to the shop floor. They minimize the effort of reporting key figures and actively contribute to clarifying the causes through an interactive design.

Our services

Inspiration workshops
Gain external impressions, start with new motivation
Increase in system efficiency
Useful accompanying project to consolidate the roles for active shop floor management
Analytical goal definition
Show potential, discuss and approach goals with the same understanding
KPI selection
Getting the focus right – as simple as possible, as precise as necessary
Live dashboards
We accelerate your analysis cycle by implementing live dashboards

Why shop floor management fails

Success factors

In most factory halls, shop floor management has already been initiated, and boards for visual management have been installed. Often, however, there is a cooling-off after the introduction and a subordinate interest in the key figures and methods. The reasons for this are different: On the one hand, the administrative effort is too great, since key figures have to be comprehensively prepared and analyzed. On the other hand, CIP cards may pile up, and it can be observed that the employees‘ interest in internal departmental goals is waning. ifp consulting helps you to change this.

Our success factor is a close base of consultants with a high technical understanding. In this way, we can understand and evaluate problems and present the consequences transparently to develop target-oriented solutions in customer teams. We work together with you to create modern and robust business processes – efficiently and at eye level with the project participants.

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