Supply Chain

We turn your supply chain into a competitive advantage – with excellent supply chain advice!

Supply Chain Advice

Management along the supply chain

Supply Chain Advice

Above all, crises prove that a functional and robust supply chain is essential for successful and economical production. Without timely and reliable deliveries, there will be production stoppages, additional costs for tracking and control and the resulting costs for the company. As experienced supply chain consultants, we help you make the supply chain as efficient as possible.

With an excellent supply chain strategy, we also offer you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition in an increasingly complex market. The supply chain is not seen as a rigid “chain” following one after another; rather as a branched network that needs to be controlled and managed.

Efficient value chain

ifp consulting supports you with supply chain consulting in the following areas:


  • Strategy development
  • Production footprint
  • Network planning and optimization
  • Specific location search
  • Make or Buy as well as sourcing decisions

In addition, we help you on the way to supply chain excellence! We ensure a functioning and comprehensive sales and operations planning process.

In addition, we will help you on the way to achieving supply chain excellence! We ensure a functioning and comprehensive sales and operations planning process.
Intercontinental distribution presents a variety of challenges for companies. Multimodal transport chains, failures and delays on long transport routes and the numerous national customs regimes and exception regulations must be considered in the design and optimization. Ongoing developments and innovations such as Brexit or the „New Silk Road“ mean that your own network is regularly put to the test.

We optimize your intercontinental distribution with the experience gained from over three decades of international consulting practice.
Strategic coordination of your supply chain geared towards the overall system
Our supply chain consulting focuses on optimizing your distribution to find the right balance between service level, flexibility, transport costs, location costs and inventory.

We can reduce your overall costs by 10-30% through our proven approach and the logistical knowledge of our consultants.

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