Assessment & Benchmarking

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Assessment and benchmarking are part of strategy development

Smart entrepreneurial action is based on an overarching strategy. Many any companies that are in the process of strategic realignment quickly reach the point of making assumptions.

In the further process, this leads to discussions and the impression of not being sufficiently informed about the initial situation. This can be actively prevented by a professional assessment of the own organization and processes.

Benchmarking is used to map the competition. Current as well as future problem areas are identified through internal workshops. Assessment and benchmarking are thus an integral part of goal-oriented strategy development.

Due Diligence

When acquiring a company, understanding the organization and processes of the acquisition is essential in order to successfully implement value enhancement through restructuring or integration.

In many cases, it is also worth taking a close look at the technical side of things, otherwise the acquisition of know-how may not turn out as hoped or, in the worst case, technologies may prove to be incompatible.

Performance Check

Benchmarking does not necessarily have to be triggered by strategic aspects. Here, the goal can be to identify and anticipate areas for action and optimization opportunities in the sense of a screening. Transparent comparisons to the competition or by determining gaps between maximum efficiency and status quo, reset the focus.

Services Assessment & Benchmarking

  • Structured and clear preparation of the results
  • On-site check with analysis of processes and factors which are not found in KPIs
  • Contribution of industry and process knowledge
  • Competent data analysis and KPIs setup