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Welcome to ifp consulting!

Our visions are not only innovative – they are also easy to implement.

We have been advising medium-sized and large customers from all sectors, nationally and internationally, for 40 years. ifp stands for successful projects that are always one step ahead of the current state of the art.

ifp consulting is characterized by an expert culture that questions, reviews the existing structures and addresses the specific need for change based on the knowledge gained.

In addition, we make it easier to persuade the relevant levels of the company with precisely worked out solution concepts. We will accompany you on the path of digitization – with technological expertise, communicative competence, and strategic foresight.

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Digitization consulting: actively shaping transformation.

Our Services

Whether automotive and supplier industry, aerospace industry, mechanical and plant engineering, consumer goods industry or wood and metal processing, we provide advice that is independent of the industry and precisely focused on your requirement profile.


As a management consultancy with many years of experience in factory and logistics planning, we support medium-sized customers and large companies in bringing digitization into your company practically and sustainably..

Supply chain

Our advice focuses on optimizing your supply chain to achieve the right balance between service level, flexibility, transport costs, location costs and inventory. In addition, we ensure that your supply chain is strategically coordinated across the entire system.

Production and logistics advice

In every phase of value creation, we focus on efficiency, transparency and cost savings. In addition, we offer you innovative concepts for automation and Industry 4.0.

Factory planning

ifp consulting has the competence, many years of experience and the methods for efficient and targeted planning of your factory. With our „digital factory“, we can show you today how your investment will pay off in the future.

Operational Excellence

We carry out comprehensive optimization programs for your company by aligning all processes to customer needs, quality and efficiency. The aim is to quickly identify and resolve problems.

ifp analytics

With our in-house software for the shop floor, we can respond individually to your production and logistics needs.

What can we do for you?

ifp consulting is an expert in industry, manufacturing, production and logistics.

Shaping digital change in a practical way

What is the most important thing for you as a customer when planning a future-oriented concept? Efficient processes, quick successes and being one step ahead of the competition? Staying on the ball when it comes to digitization and Industry 4.0? To shape the working world innovatively and, above all, to involve the employees in changes?

Build up employee skills at an early stage

The ifp team needs to bring the solution to the company and, above all, to pass on and convey digital skills.

Making ideas successful is not just our motto; it is our concern. ifp has been implementing visionary approaches along the entire value chain for over 40 years.

Digitization needs vision and a down-to-earth approach

Optimization and transformation in production and logistics can only be successful with consistent, well-thought-out concepts. Digital opportunities mean that every company competes with everyone else. ifp takes all players into account and ensures feasibility.

Use ifp’s expertise for industry, manufacturing, production and logistics.

Would you like advice?

Our services mean that you have a practical and innovative business partner at your side. We understand your business and bring our methodical knowledge, transparency and quality to the project. The result: modern, sustainable solutions for production and logistics!


Transformation Ihrer Prozesse in
Produktion und Logistik

Project flow

Step / 01

Strategy development

The strategy is an essential factor for the company’s success. Together with you, we develop your strategy for the areas of production or logistics. Our tried and tested methodology and experience drawing on over 40 years‘ consulting ensure that your plan is unique, innovative and feasible.

Step/ 02

Technical implementation

The ifp team is significantly involved on-site and in the technical introduction and implementation. However, the key to our success is the comprehensive inclusion and training of your employees on-site.

Step / 03


The planning has been successfully completed, and the solution has been properly implemented. Now the go-live and implementation phase is on. We are still your contact and provide straightforward help.


Smart Factory Parsdorf – a project of the century

ifp consulting begleitet KraussMaffei bei der größten Standortverlegung in Bayern seit dem Münchener Flughafen „Franz Josef Strauss“

ifp at the customer’s location

Project locations


In the last few years, we have worked on various international projects in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom, USA.

Altstätten, Amberg, Appenweier, Arbon, Backnang, Bad Tölz, Barcelona, ​​Basel, Berlin, Blaufelden, Bozen, Brannenburg, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Budapest, Burgau, Charleroi, Chevenez, Crailsheim, Criesbach, Dallas, Denain, Dillingen, Düsseldorf, Edenkoben , Erfurt, Esslingen, Feldkirchen, Garching near Munich, Geel, Geretsried, Gerhardshofen, Gersthofen, Gray, Halver, Hamburg, Hanover, Heppenheim, Ingelfingen, Jeppingen-Scheppach, Karlstad, Cologne, Königsbrunn, Kosice, Kufstein, La Talaudiére, Laakirchen, Langenwetzendorf, Leipheim, Leipzig, Linz, Lublin, Manchaster, Mannheim, Marsberg, Mauerkirchen, Memmingen, Moscow, Munich, Neuenhaus, Neutraubling, Neuwied, Niederndorf, Nowa Ruda, Ottmarsheim, Porschdorf, Poznan, Prossen, Prüm, Rainbach im Mühlkreis, Regensburg , Reims, Rosenheim, Rotkreuz, Rottenburg, Ruhpolding, Salzburg, Scharnhausen, Schkeudiz, Schwaz, Schweinfurt, Sprockhövel, St. Nazaire, Stans, Traunreut, Trostberg, Tuntenhausen, Wasserburg, Wernau, Winnweiler, Woippy, Wolverhampton, Zeppelinheim.

How does digitization get into production and logistics?

With the ifp consulting team!

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