Warehouse planning

We can help you with warehouse automation, new construction and expansion planning.

Optimal planning of storage systems

The storage of goods is an integral part of the supply process within a company. Due to the sometimes strongly varying applications and the different nature of the stored goods, numerous forms of storage systems have varying degrees of automation.

Highly automated systems are mostly used in areas with high handling rates. They require high investments but can be amortized through lower personnel costs and less space required. Manually operated storage systems are characterized by their flexibility and scalability. As a result, compared to automatic storage systems, they can cover a significantly larger requirement profile.

When planning a warehouse system, decisions have to be made before an often tight time and budget horizon. Choosing the wrong system or incorrectly dimensioning the warehouse can lead to high costs or even disruption of the supply process.

We will support you in the development of storage concepts

  • Holistic development of storage concepts

We can support you with our systematic and pragmatic approach to develop the right storage concept for you, which will enable you to reduce your storage costs and save resources in the long term. 

  • Material flow planning

With optimized material flow planning, you can increase the efficiency of your own warehouse logistics and, at the same time, increase the efficiency in your warehouse. 

  • Process optimization

We can support you in defining target structures for your warehouse concept, with which you can also map your company growth in the long term.

  • Selection of future-proof storage systems

A storage system often has to adapt flexibly to changes in the market and the environment. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of warehouse planning, we know which systems are future-proof and which technology suits your requirements.

  • Advice on automation technology

We know the latest trends and innovations in warehouse technology and will support you in finding the right level of automation for your warehouse. 

  • Selection and tendering of warehouse technology and equipment

We will support you with our vendor-neutral advice to find the right partner to implement your project.

Which storage system is right for your company?

The determination of a suitable and ideal storage system for a company is associated with a great deal of effort due to the complexity and the great variety of storage technologies, operating devices and load carriers. In addition, the sometimes very specific customer requirements, such as investment limits, performance requirements and the degree of automation, also play a decisive role in choosing the right storage system. Ifp consulting supports you in finding the right storage system for you with the right degree of automation.

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