Logistics planning 

We ensure a high degree of digitization in the automation of your logistics.

Optimization of the logistics processes

Ideal design and correct dimensioning

When planning logistics systems, the decisive course is set for long-term corporate development. The logistics of a company are opposed to the conflict of goals, on the one hand, to always deliver for the customer and, on the other, to function as cost-efficiently as possible.

To meet this challenge in the best possible way, you must optimize logistics processes and tailor a solution to the customer. The logistics system must be designed specifically for the company to work efficiently and flexibly without jeopardizing its own ability to deliver. 

At ifp consulting, we always understand logistics as a whole. When developing an overall concept, we pay particular attention to the fact that storage systems, conveyor technology, transport systems, and control technology are perfectly coordinated.

We focus on developing a tailor-made logistics system with the right degree of automation for our customers. Thanks to our many years of experience, our consultants know exactly which solutions are right for you and how they can be implemented with high economic efficiency. In addition, we have special expertise in the following areas: 

Expertise in logistics planning

We support you with logistics planning

  • Logistics planning

We support you with the concept planning of warehouse and logistics areas, as well as distribution centres. 

Whether you need completely new planning, expansion of existing warehouses or centralization of warehouse areas, ifp consulting is on hand to support you in the design, dimensioning and planning of your storage and picking systems. 

We support you in optimizing your own intralogistics and defining logistical processes. Thanks to our many years of experience in logistics, we will find the right level of automation for you and support you in planning manual and driverless transport systems (AGV). 

  • Inventory optimization 

Do you have problems with sometimes high and very fluctuating stocks in your warehouse? We can support you in setting up inventory models for inventory management concerning optimal inventory determination, inventory optimization, inventory reduction in your warehouse. 

  • Material flow analysis 

As part of logistics planning, we analyze your material flows and transport quantities to make a data-based decision for the ideal design of your logistics. 

  • Automation 

Whether in the area of warehouse planning, planning of picking systems or planning of intralogistics and transport. We know the possibilities of automation and will find the optimal degree of automation for you based on detailed analyzes.  

  • Tendering

We support you in the selection and tendering of storage technology, means of transport and other equipment. 

Case study

New plant planning with a high degree of automation

ifp consulting supports an international group in the planning of its ultra-modern and innovative production facility. The goal when designing the logistics was to develop a logistics system that, thanks to automated logistics, optimized processes and a high degree of digitization, can meet the high demands of manufacturing, assembly and the spare parts business. The heart of the logistics is a central warehouse consisting of an automated high-bay warehouse with almost 12,000 storage spaces and an automated small parts warehouse with 25,000 storage spaces. In addition, around 24,000 km of automated material transport will be implemented within intralogistics by using state-of-the-art logistics systems at the planned location.

Success factors

At ifp consulting, we will analyze your situation and support you in developing the right logistics concept for you. We know that the ideal design of logistics processes, the correct dimensioning of storage areas, and the optimization of personnel and space costs play a central role in a company’s success.

What are the causes of changes in logistics? 

The reasons for re-planning a warehouse can be different. For example, the growth in recent years has meant that storage capacities are no longer sufficient, and expansion and automation are pending. Changing customer requirements have resulted in the logistics processes no longer being a perfect fit for the company. Or there may simply be a need to reduce costs in the warehouse.

Logistics planning

Take away

To master the challenges in logistics, logistics processes must be optimized, and a solution tailored to the customer must be developed.

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