Virtual Reality

Dive with us into the 3D world.

Factory Planning and Virtual Reality

3D factory layout helps in advance

With virtual reality (VR), you can walk through the future factory before the first cut of spade – experience, test and further develop the planning.
VR provides the interface to implementation in detailed planning. This allows you to directly experience the planned logistics, assembly or production areas and actively “play through” sub-processes.

Dealing with the real planning object triggers a more in-depth analysis and improvement loop that saves costs and time during later implementation.

With VR, the often interdisciplinary project teams have the opportunity to exchange information about their planning. Virtual immersion increases acceptance and identification with planning across departments such as product development, process development, equipment design and production.

Virtual assembly workstation design

Digitalization is taking place in a confusing way with a multitude of tools. Whereas first there was talk of big data, a short time later it was process mining and artificial intelligence. While software is developing rapidly, this development is usually only peripherally considered in everyday business.

Apart from ERP implementations, digitalization is usually not thought of holistically. With our digitalization training, you can intercept uncertainties at an early stage. We help you choose the right tool and get your employees on board!

What are the concerns with VR?

  • SMEs in particular estimate the cost of virtual factory planning too high
  • The benefits of virtual reality are underestimated

Virtual Reality

Take away

  • Optimize processes
  • Shorten start-up phase
  • Minimize change costs
  • Increase ergonomics
  • Create acceptance