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We will find the right location for your production.

Consulting for site search and site development

The “where” is crucial!

A location decision is not an easy decision. This makes it all the more important to conduct an objective site evaluation and comparison to minimize personal preferences and cognitive biases in decision-making.

ifp consulting advises you on the location search and site development. Whether you want to relocate your production and reduce costs, create additional capacities or increase the proximity to your sales markets – we offer you the right support. We will advise you on the choice of location and provide you with active support in setting up your new production facility or logistics centre.

Low labour costs, good infrastructure and the level of training tailored to your needs are relevant to you? If you would like to use these location advantages for your company’s global footprint, we will be happy to help you.

Site selection with large search radius and local features

For a long-term successful location decision, it is necessary to consider all company-relevant location factors in the decision-making process and to choose the right balance of macro and micro factors. The search radius must not be narrowed down too quickly, but at the same time local characteristics should still be taken into account.

That is why we have developed a two-step process that resolves this conflict of goals. With the ifp regional database, we can draw on the combined experience of all our plant and logistics planning activities and identify the most promising target regions on a company-specific basis. We then conduct a detailed analysis of the specifics on site.

We support you in the search for a location and site development

  • Selection of relevant location factors
  • Labour costs, logistic connection, cut-off times
  • Location search with the ifp regional database
  • Determination of suitable production or relocation scopes
  • Conceptual design of the site perimeter
  • Planning of production facilities and logistics centers
  • Logistics planning and distribution concept
  • Value and material flow conception
  • Implementation support and start-up management

Regional database as a basis

Decision-making process in practice

Throughout the process, our practical knowledge from over three decades of consulting ensures that the business case for your site is watertight. Once the location decision has been made, the new site must be implemented on time and on budget. We are happy to support you in all phases of site development.

  • Availability and prices of land and real estate
  • Subsidy availability
  • Indicators for the availability of qualified personnel (e.g. via graduates and courses of study from universities and vocational schools).
  • Companies and contacts in the region
  • Planned infrastructure and development measures

Right region for your location

Take location factors into account

With the ifp regional database, we can draw on the pooled experience of all our European plant and logistics planning and identify the most promising target regions on a company-specific basis.

Quick initial narrowing down of potential and optimal regions

The ifp regional database is a tool developed in-house and designed specifically for location searches. The focus is on the pre-selection of regions, taking into account all location factors relevant to the company. The tool draws on ifp empirical values as well as statistical data and thus offers a broad data basis.