Network Simulation

With the help of a modeled network, we find potential savings for you.

Model complex networks digitally

Different scenarios for the optimal solution

Network modeling is time-consuming and, above a certain scope, can no longer be mapped by hand. However, it is often only when a network is mapped that major potential savings for companies become apparent.

Special computer software provides assistance in mapping networks and performing simulations. This enables companies to model the logistics network with manageable effort and to test various scenarios.

Different functions

Network Planning Tools

  • Modeling, evaluation and optimization of the supply chain network
  • Site identification and evaluation
  • Analysis of different scenarios and/or changes in the supply chain
  • Visualization of network and transports
  • Data management and data analysis of supply chain data

What are the modeling elements?

Various modeling elements are used to model a logistics network. Among others, the elements below are commonly used for modeling:

  • Company products
  • Factories that manufacture or provide the defined products
  • Warehouses that store products or assume a hub function
  • Customers and their demand
  • Means of transport and the respective price models
  • Connections between the sites

Simulation tools enable optimizations with different objectives

Cost minimization

When this optimization objective is selected, an optimization pass minimizes the costs incurred in the model. All restrictions given to the model are taken into account. A required service level can be included as a restriction.

Maximization of the service level

This optimization objective pursues the intention of maintaining the service level required in the model during a simulation. Especially when delivery times are a clear decision factor for the customer, network optimization according to service level makes sense.

Minimization of the CO² footprint

The optimization goal is to minimize the carbon footprint in order to map a sustainable logistics network.

We support you with network simulation

  • Network modeling of logistics and production network
  • Network optimization
  • Optimization of transport costs

Factors of success

Depending on the customer and the task, the right level of detail for the simulation varies. With the simulation model, which models the status quo in the first step, an optimal planning basis is created. In this way, we can show the effects of changes to the network and provide tangible evidence of optimization potential.

What are the biggest sources of error in network simulation?

Network Simulation

Take away

Digital network simulations help to capture and represent the complexity of all processes. Only a comprehensive view of your network will reveal potential savings.