Proactive measures for the supply chain

Stabilization and cost reduction through early adjustments.

Optimization of supply chain processes

Reduce costs while optimizing – for a robust supply chain.

Evaluation ACTUAL state

With our technical consulting in the area of production and logistics, we optimize processes throughout the entire value-creation cycle. We analyze existing data and structures and develop an optimization and implementation strategy, always with a view to a possible holistic cost reduction.

Logistics scenarios

Based on the current global problems, we evaluate critical influencing factors and develop proposed solutions using a scenario technique. The focus is on optimizing the supply chain while reducing costs.

Verification through simulation

In order to objectively evaluate and compare the alternatives, it may be useful to build a simulation model and test different scenarios. Here, transport and delivery times, transport costs, inventory costs are compared. In addition, best and worst case scenarios are formed.

Supply chain robustness under volatile conditions

What are the influencing factors and bottlenecks in supply chain design?

  1. Lack of material availability
  2. Higher procurement costs
  3. Changes in demand

Supply Chain Resilience

We accompany you from the recording of the current status to the action roadmap. A careful process analysis as well as the evaluation of your current existing network structure form the foundation for all further steps.

Unforeseen events are analyzed and evaluated in possible risk scenarios. Early detection helps your company minimize the impact on the supply chain. Our forward-thinking methodology helps you reduce costs in the short and long term.

Designing robust supply chains

Resilient value creation networks

With our practical method, we illuminate upstream and downstream stages of the value chain and can thus cover your business requirements individually. The structured and proven ifp methodology in supply chain design generates an adaptive approach that allows proactive responses to external disruptions.