Supply Chain

We’ll help with the development and coordination of stable and agile supply chains.

The supply chain as a success factor

Active development and coordination of supply chains along the entire value chain    

Above all, crises show that a functioning and robust supply chain is a prerequisite for successful and economical production. Without timely and reliable deliveries, there will be stoppages in production, additional costs for tracking and control and the resulting costs for the company.

Excellent supply chain strategies also offer opportunities to set yourself apart from the competition in an increasingly complex market. The excellence in supply chain management encompasses more than the individual location and process optimization.

We’ll support you in developing supply chain excellence

  • Supply Chain Excellence Quick Check
  • Evaluation of the supply chain performance using targeted evaluation dimensions
  • Development of the holistic supply chain strategy
  • Conception and introduction of active control and monitoring of your own network
  • Development of a strategy for your supply chain in order to work towards a common target image and to successfully stand out from the competition in the long term
  • Supply chain management tools, methods and software
  • Evaluation and selection of supporting supply chain management tools, methods and software to increase transparency and facilitate control

What is supply chain excellence so important?

In order to achieve an excellent supply chain, the company management must pay special attention to the interlinked areas of your infrastructure in detail. Taken together, these details can support a more efficient and effective supply chain management process that can fuel challenging performance goals in areas such as purchasing, general operations, sales, and integration strategies. It is essential to check how the current performance of the supply chain compares to the competition. In addition, there should be a proactive risk management, which also includes more strategic sourcing options.

Supply Chain Excellence Quick Check

We would like to support you with a so-called Supply Chain Excellence Quick Check in assessing network performance.

This comprises five assessment dimensions:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Transparency and cost-efficiency
  • Digitization and automation
  • know-how
  • Organization and processes

Optimizing the supply chain

Our objectives 

Supply Chain Excellence includes the active development and coordination of stable and agile supply chains along the entire value chain of a product or service.

The aim is to improve the long-term performance of the individual companies and the entire supply chain and achieve added value.

Due to the tendency to concentrate on core competencies and reduce the vertical range of manufacture, supply chain management has increasingly come into focus. From this, delivery segments based on the division of labour have increasingly developed, which have to be coordinated and controlled.

Supply Chain Management Tools and Software 

By using planning tools and evaluating data points along the supply chain, the performance of the network can be further improved. With today’s popular software applications, executives can gain deep insight into the details of suppliers, factories, warehousing, sales, and customer feedback.

Integrating these data points and keen observations of the flow and patterns of goods and services are at the heart of excellent supply chain leadership development. The transparency gained and the evaluation of real-time data can be used, for example, to predict delivery bottlenecks and initiate countermeasures in good time.

Success factors

A team with the right competencies and skills as well as the use of the right methods and tools is required for the goal-oriented and sustainable development of supply chain excellence.

Supply Chain Excellence


Supply Chain Excellence includes the active development and coordination of stable and agile supply chains along the entire value chain of a product.

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