Virtual Reality 

Immerse yourself in the 3D world with us.

Factory planning and virtual reality 

3D factory layout helps in advance

Virtual Reality (VR) allows you to walk through the future factory before the groundbreaking ceremony – experience, test and develop the planning.
VR offers the interface for implementation in detailed planning. You can experience the planned logistics, assembly or production areas directly and actively „run through“ sub-processes.

Dealing with the real planning object triggers a more profound analysis and improvement loop, saving time and money in later implementation.

With VR, the often interdisciplinary project teams have the opportunity to vividly exchange ideas about their planning. In addition, virtual immersion increases acceptance and identification with planning across the various departments such as product development, process development, equipment design and production.


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Virtual assembly workplace design

We have replaced the classic physical variant with a cardboard box and measurement using stopwatches or metre sticks with a virtual design with CAD libraries and automatic evaluations. The modelling effort is significantly lower, so the method can be used more flexibly in the overall planning process. The virtual cardboard engineering secures your detailed planning. Use existing CAD models and say goodbye to tedious handicrafts with cardboard or similar modular systems, which are only partially adaptable.

What are the concerns with VR?
  • SMEs, in particular, overestimate the cost of virtual factory planning
  • The benefits of virtual reality are underestimated

Virtual Reality

Take away
  • Optimize processes
  • Shorten the start-up phase
  • Minimize change costs
  • Increase ergonomics
  • Create acceptance
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