Building Information Modeling in Factory Planning.

Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (“Building Data Modeling”) is a method for optimized planning, execution and management of buildings.

The BIM model is a “digital twin” of the later building and considers the entire life cycle of the structure. The detailed building model is enriched with information by all project participants throughout the entire planning process. Thus, it can be determined whether the project can be implemented realistically and efficiently in terms of construction, time, material and cost planning.
All information can be accessed by those responsible at any time and from anywhere throughout the entire lifecycle.

Your advantages and our services


  • With the help of BIM, the entire life cycle of a structure can be mapped and controlled
  • Automatic adjustment and reconciliation of information in real time and in all views
  • BIM software supports AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) processes, facilitating collaboration and communication among all project stakeholders.
  • Digital project management enables a transparent and coordinated division of labor
  • Early detection of errors or avoidance of unnecessary work increases efficiency and reduces costs

ifp services

  • Creation of a professional BIM technical model that spatially represents the space requirements with the space needed and the arrangement of the machines and equipment
  • Continuous attribution of rooms and zones in the BIM specialist model
  • Integration of the modeled rooms into the central building model of the object planner