Software-supported, holistic optimization of plant structures

Factory planning in the 21st century

Factory planning projects are often very complex, as many different areas are involved in the planning and each area wants to achieve its optimum for itself. Conventional factory planning methods, such as the creation of block layouts using cut-out blocks, quickly reach their limits here, as they cannot optimize a factory structure holistically. We use the software visTABLE® to achieve the global optimum in your factory.

With the help of these, material flow relationships for entire plants can be overlaid to enable optimal arrangement of areas. This ensures that the overall arrangement is value stream oriented and thus complies with LEAN principles. In addition, visTABLE® offers the possibility to visualize factories in 3D.

With virtual reality, it is possible to get a feeling for your factory of the future and to make adjustments before implementation, if necessary. ifp consulting has been using visTABLE® for many years and is regularly represented at the manufacturer’s expert meetings. Our know-how enables us to build a goal-oriented visTABLE® model of your factory and to simulate various future scenarios. By iteratively adapting the factory concepts, we ultimately create your individual factory, which represents the global optimum under the given conditions.

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