Detailed and approval planning

We take over the detailing of the selected factory concept.

Detailed planning

The first ideas have already been developed into working concepts and a rough layout is available? Then you are ready for the next phase in the planning process!

In the detailed planning phase, the optimal plant concept is further detailed at block layout level for all workstations and storage areas. Accordingly, individual workplaces are designed in terms of equipment and fittings, the necessary loading aids and means of transport are determined, and a supply concept is defined for all the materials required for a workplace.

Industry-specific guidelines are also taken into account in the detailing, for example hygiene guidelines in the food industry. In addition, the physical sequences in production and logistics are defined as processes (including assembly processes, transport routes, supply trains) and then transferred into system processes that can serve as input for conversion into IT processes.

ifp services

The following services are included in the detailed design phase for the selected factory concept:

  • Detailing the value stream design according to lean production principles
  • Development of a detailed CAD fine layout
  • Creation of a room book for the exact description of the factory
  • Planning of all workstations incl. Media connections
  • Detailed planning of the logistical processes and the required equipment
  • Elaboration of a modular implementation roadmap
  • Creation of a 3D factory model that can be experienced via virtual reality
  • Development of a detailed business case

Every sector, every industry, every company has individual requirements that need to be taken into account in this planning step. Contact us so that we can derive an approach tailored to your needs.

Support in the preparation of applications for obtaining permits

Approval planning

Approval planning is carried out with the aim of obtaining a building permit. For this purpose, extensive applications and templates must be prepared in advance in accordance with the respective legal requirements.

This includes, among other things, building applications, applications for media supply, waste disposal, decontamination, pollutant disposal, proof of stability or BImSch applications.

Similarly, expert opinions from building inspectors, the fire department, or other agencies may be required. These are compiled by the responsible person authorized to submit building documents and finally submitted in writing to the building authority.