Material Flow & Process Simulation

Significantly improve the planning result with local process simulations.

Virtual safeguarding of the planning

The first ideas have already been developed into working concepts and a rough layout is available? Then you are ready for the next phase in the planning process!

In the detailed planning phase, the optimal plant concept is further detailed at block layout level for all workstations and storage areas. Accordingly, individual workplaces are designed in terms of equipment and fittings, the necessary loading aids and means of transport are determined, and a supply concept is defined for all the materials required for a workplace.

Industry-specific guidelines are also taken into account in the detailing, for example hygiene guidelines in the food industry. In addition, the physical sequences in production and logistics are defined as processes (including assembly processes, transport routes, supply trains) and then transferred into system processes that can serve as input for conversion into IT processes.

ifp consulting supports you in identifying the critical points of your planning and in carrying out targeted process simulations. With the help of our experience over the last decades, we evaluate the criticalities in order to keep the overall effort for the process simulations low.

This avoids overengineering of the process simulation and ultimately reduces costs. Depending on the complexity and granularity of the observation, different software tools are used – from spreadsheets to CAx tools. We adapt individually to your requirements and define the simulation parameters together with you in order to achieve the maximum quality of results.

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