Strategy development for factory planning

We plan the way to the goal for you.

Our methodology for strategy development

The aim of the strategy process is to define the future focus and strategic direction of the company or a subdivision in order to ensure profitable growth in the coming years. When designing an implementable solution, we take into account current industry requirements.

Development of a strategy house

The tried and tested methodology guarantees a comprehensive consideration of all significant influencing factors. At the heart of the methodology is the development of a strategy house, which systematically summarizes the essential elements of the strategy. Subsequently, concrete implementation measures are derived for the daily work. Individual focal points (e.g. research, production, logistics, supply chain) can be defined as part of the process. We accompany your project from the definition to the elaboration of the right structures to the realization.

  • The strategies for achieving the goals are compiled and formulated
  • Time horizon: 5 – 10 years
  • The production-related expertise and innovation capability of ifp consulting is an important “catalyst” in this respect.
  • Joint development of the strategy house in compliance with the specifications

“Strategy describes a company’s planned and structured course of action to achieve future corporate goals. A strategy is the way to get there.”

Strategy: Success factor for medium-sized companies

Medium-sized companies, and family businesses in particular, are the defining type of company in the German economy and are also an important link in the global value chain. In addition to the general global changes in the production environment, the associated internal changes are leading to a series of long-term and extensive adjustment processes that SMEs will have to face.

A detailed investigation of the interdependencies in production as well as logistics and their company-wide impact is of crucial importance. After all, in these investment- and employee-intensive areas in particular, upcoming change also offers extensive opportunities. Studies show that the decisive difference between very successful and less successful companies is a clear strategic orientation of the central corporate divisions.

We support medium-sized companies in particular with a special consulting service in which we work with customers to develop a comprehensive production strategy for the efficient operation of their machines. With the introduction of a strategy house, we provide our customers not only with a methodical process for analyzing the fields of action, but also with concrete implementation measures that contribute to productive and successful action. In doing so, we take into account your specifications in terms of time, cost and location.