Maturity assessment

Quick check on the status of digitalization in your company.

Determine the position in the application field of digitalization

Determine the position in the application field of digitalization

You have the vision to lead your company into the digital age and have already written this mission into your strategy, but you don’t know how and where to start with the transformation?

For this case, you should make an analysis of the maturity level of your company. This enables you to analyze the initial situation, the current maturity level, and to compare the status quo with the potential and added value of digital approaches. In addition to the benefits, this also allows the effort required for a transformation to be determined. This is the key to prioritizing the individual topics in a digitization roadmap.

Maturity assessment

Take away

The advantage of maturity assessment with ifp consulting: Your employees are on board from the outset – so you gain expertise for a digital future in the long term.

We support you in the analysis of the digital maturity level

  • KPI-Analysis
    Analysis of your evaluations in terms of cost-benefit ratio & completeness
  • Quick Check
    The ifp questionnaire covers essential aspects for determining a position in the digital environment
  • SWOT
    Transparent presentation of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats posed by digitalization
  • Digitalization road map
    Goals, agenda and approach for infrastructure, employees and overall company

Further fields of action

  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital twin
  • Smart Factory
  • Digital Trainings
  • RPA
  • IoT Retrofit
  • Worker assistance systems

Digital maturity level

In order to find out how you are positioned internally and vis-à-vis the customer in terms of digitalization, one prerequisite should already have been met – namely the question of the overarching goals:

  • Does management have a digital vision and is it reflected in a digital strategy that is aligned with the corporate strategy?

If the answer to this question is “yes,” it makes sense to determine the digital maturity level. The need for action is systematically determined for your company in relation to the potential identified in the strategy. General questions include:

  • Do digital services already exist? And are new services being developed?
  • Are essential business processes handled digitally and are system breaks avoided? How should the degree of automation of these processes be assessed?
  • What level of maturity is targeted? And to what degree can your people and infrastructure support the change?
  • Where do your employees stand at the respective hierarchy levels with their necessary digital competence?

Factors of success

We support you with a wide range of services. In doing so, ifp consulting stands for personal and efficient work in interdisciplinary teams: Your internal experts share knowledge about customer needs, departments & processes – ifp consulting brings the cross-industry knowledge as well as the method and tool competence. Together, we can break down the opaque megatrend into a clear roadmap with added value for your company.

What are the biggest mistakes in digitalization?

  • Not involving employees at an early stage
  • Not training employees sufficiently
  • Hesitant digitalization strategy
  • Project volume too large at the start
  • Underestimated investments and follow-up costs