Strategy development for digitization

Strategic concepts and implementation ideas for production & logistics

Opportunity for digital realignment

Strategy development for digitization in production & logistics

Digitization is changing markets and business processes – from large corporations to SMEs. As a result, corporate cultures and business models, as well as cooperation with stakeholders and customers, are increasingly changing.

With the right strategy development for digitization, companies get an excellent opportunity to realign their actions to customer benefit and to offer adapted business models. At the same time, you can increase your own efficiency!

The target image for the digitization of the company is closely linked to the corporate strategy – the design flows directly into the overall corporate strategy and is best designed as an overall concept.

With the right roadmap
to digitization

Digitization of medium-sized companies

The roadmap for digitization was specially developed for medium-sized companies and takes their special challenges into account.

Digitization roadmap

An essential point of the digitization strategy is the design of an implementable digitization roadmap. We support you to make your vision clearer and more motivational with the following steps:

  • Inspiration through innovations, trends and implementation examples (digitization training)
  • Identification of innovative topics with added value and improvement potential
  • Weighting of the possibilities in terms of their potential
  • Creation of an agenda for timely implementation
Exemplary innovation roadmap

With a strategy for real added value

Together with our customers, we pursue the goal of aligning the digitization strategy with the corporate strategy. That means setting out what digitization means for your own company. But how can the term digitization be defined for your company? As a rule, you bring points of contact with existing digital solutions; we deliver innovations, trends and experience in practical application. The definition also results in digitization levers for your internal and external potential.

A well-thought-out strategy development allows you to proceed methodically and also to give your company a clear vision. As with the “conventional” management philosophies, capitalization of digital potential requires a route, targets and project budgets. In this way, you can train employees in a targeted manner and motivate them. 

Digitize worthwhile areas

ifp consulting supports you with digitization right from the start. In this way, you make sure that you do not overlook any essential strategic aspects! We avoid system breaks within the architecture and rely on scalable solutions.

Our consultants bring with them valuable experience from reference projects in industry and logistics, as well as comprehensive tools and method expertise. Based on our key digital questions, we work with you to ensure that particularly worthwhile areas of digitization are identified and that this creates real added value for your future business.

Digitization is often underestimated

Digitization is confused with a multitude of tools. Big data was the first buzzword; while process mining and artificial intelligence were ubiquitous a short time later. While the software is developing rapidly, this development is usually only viewed peripherally in everyday business.

Apart from the implementation of ERP, digitization is usually not thought of as a holistic one. Our digitization training will enable you to deal with uncertainties at an early stage. We’ll help you choose the right tool and get the employees on board!

The right questions about digitization

The digitization strategy should start with the following basic considerations:

What exactly do we mean in our company by digitization, Industry 4.0 or IoT?

How do we embed the digitization strategy in the overall strategy?

What vision, mission, and strategic fields of action are we pursuing?

We’ll support you in developing the digitization strategy

  • Development of an individual digitization strategy
  • Workshops on digital corporate strategy
  • Transfer from other industries and the state of the art
  • Inspiration lectures
  • Business intelligence
  • Digital twin
  • Smart Factory
  • Digital trainings
  • RPA
  • IoT retrofit

Success factors

To identify your company’s most important digital objectives and the associated strategic fields of action, we will work with you to develop a digital strategy house. For this purpose, we have developed a methodology that has been tried and tested many times in practice, which makes it possible to systematically develop a digitization strategy tailored to your company. A strategy is only as good as its implementation. That is why we do not stop at the strategy but work with you to develop a digitization roadmap and actively support you in its implementation.

The right key questions for your strategy development in digitization

Which digital tools are useful in the context of company processes and employees?

How can the use of the tools be checked for added value in a cost-effective manner? 

How do I get my employees on board with digitization?

How is system integrity ensured in the event of gradual change?

How can the information processes be automated beyond the ERP system boundary


Production & Logistics

Digitization offers numerous opportunities and, at the same time, poses major challenges for companies. In order to drive digitization forward in a targeted manner, it is advisable to develop a future-oriented digitization strategy. This forms the foundation for the digital transformation in your company.

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