Business Intelligence out of ERP & MES

We develop smart live reporting for you.

Smart live reporting as a success factor

Competence and methodology

In order to successfully manage a company as a socio-technical system, the complexity must be broken down into representative KPIs and presented transparently at various levels of aggregation.

At the top level, for example, indicators for customer satisfaction, process efficiency, finance, and personnel development are displayed. If the top level is set up as an interactive dashboard, more detailed metrics of an area can be accessed or new aggregations can be created live by setting filters. Individual effects can thus be tracked and evaluated. Communication within the company is more focused.

Business Intelligence
Balanced Scoreboards

The Balanced Score Boards form the top level of a Business Intelligence solution and ensure that there is no one-sided approach.

Create transparency, release resources

Instead of internal departmental knowledge of key figures, you create a transparent system and a uniform understanding of target agreements with smart reporting. In addition, your employees can focus on the essential processes and are not busy with manual data preparation. A structured design in the form of a KPI tree ensures the traceability of causes and thus fires up communication within the company. Thanks to live analyses, the feedback loop is significantly faster than with weekly or even monthly reports, which gives middle management levels in particular an effective tool for performance management.

We support you in setting up a comprehensive live analysis

  • Review – analysis & optimization of the BI solution
  • BI Tools – software selection and implementation
  • Establishment of KPI Trees from the Shopfloor to the Management (from Top-Floor to Shopfloor)
  • Drill-down Dashboards
  • Key figure development
  • Development of internal know-how through key user training

Whether corporate or project success – we make performance measurable

ifp consulting has a wealth of experience with a wide range of ERP, MES & BDE systems through data-based factory planning and ERP implementation support. In addition to an understanding of costs, our team of engineers and industrial engineers has a high level of process understanding for the direct areas. In practice, we have intelligently solved complex BI cases: For example, SAP S4 Hana was introduced for the pilot phase in a plant of a railroad construction machinery manufacturer. The BI solution from ifp consulting accompanied the ramp up in the test plant and combined information from the SAP S4 Hana database and the database of an ERP in-house development of the company. In this way, goals from a strategy can be quantified and tracked – digitization is not an end in itself.

To overcome crises, key figures can make problems transparent and promote dialog in meetings. In particular, there are often difficulties between sales and production in matching capacity requirements and available capacity. With the quantification of the problem, it is thus also possible to assess in the short term whether, for example, the temporary outsourcing makes sense or not. Standardized dashboards help to lead a fact-based discussion here.

The right guiding questions for your strategy formation in digitalization

  • Which digital tools make sense in the context of the company’s processes and employees?
  • How can the use of the tools be tested for added value in a cost-effective manner?
  • How do I encourage my employees to join in on the digitalization journey?
  • How is system integrity ensured with incremental change?
  • How can information processes be automated beyond the ERP system boundary?