Smart Factory

Networking and digitization in production & logistics.

Industry 4.0

Networking of machines and systems

We understand Industry 4.0 as the holistic networking of machines and systems along the value chain. Physical and virtual systems are coupled with one another in a targeted manner, and data exchange between humans and machines is made possible intuitively. This enables us to determine the potential for our customers along the value stream from the supplier to customer service.

Smart Factory – the intelligent factory

Today’s production systems have to behave anticipatory, agile and adaptive. Therefore, we will systematically identify your potential, evaluate its added value and support you pragmatically in implementing a smart factory.

How can I4.0 support my company?

Even if networking is clear as the core idea of Industry 4.0, the resulting potential and business opportunities are far more diverse:

  • Industry 4.0 enables productivity to be increased and the speed of implementation to be improved through virtual tests before production
  • By networking the production systems, thanks to „Predictive Maintenance“, proactive maintenance processes can be carried out, and disruptions to operational processes can be reduced
  • Condition monitoring in real-time and remote control of the production processes is made possible. In extreme cases, there is a chance of customer involvement in direct company processes
  • The networking of production facilities and logistics systems provide information that increases the quality of data analytics and process mining and thus the informative value of business intelligence tools

Increase of productivity

Proactive maintenance aisles

Condition monitoring in real time

Added value through a smart factory

Mastering the transformation with a targeted approach

Development of a digitization strategy

  • Digital training
  • Training of employees and managers using practical examples
  • Adaptive production systems
  • Networked with software to new services & new added value
  • IoT retrofitting
  • Integration of smart sensors in existing production systems
  • Data mining
  • Optimization of production and logistics through data-driven analyzes
  • Predictive Services
  • Cost reduction through early error detection & forecasting
  • Do you have a special project and would like to incorporate ideas from experts at an early stage? We would be happy to advise you in an initial meeting.
The term ‚Industry 4.0‘

What do we mean by I 4.0?

We understand the term Industry 4.0 to mean the intelligent networking of machines and processes in industry with the help of information and communication technology. The networking of people, machines and things in physical and virtual areas ideally happens in real-time. This is necessary in order to be able to make quick adjustments to the constantly shortening innovation and product cycles.

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